Collaboration & Microsoft Teams Features

Notifications, and Microsoft Teams Integration

Q strives to offer a comprehensive platform that addresses all aspects of running an organization, including day-to-day communication. To achieve this, Q has integrated notifications functionality and offers Microsoft Teams integration for Enterprise customers.


To keep users informed of updates, deadlines, and other essential information, Q incorporates a robust notifications system. This feature ensures that users receive timely alerts for important events, such as new assignments, approaching deadlines, or updates on task progress.

Notifications can be customized to suit individual preferences, allowing users to stay informed without being overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

Microsoft Teams Integration for Enterprise Customers

Q includes integration options with Office 365 for our Enterprise customers. Deep integrations with Sharepoint lets you import and export documents from Q as well as keep them in sync across the two platforms.

Adding a Teams meeting to case it easy and you can pull in the audio or video as attachments if need be for documentation purposes.

Activities can be added to your Office calendar.

Q’s integrated notifications, and Microsoft Teams integration features demonstrate its commitment to providing a comprehensive platform for managing every aspect of an organization, including day-to-day communication. By offering seamless communication and collaboration tools, Q empowers organizations to work more efficiently, stay informed, and achieve their goals more effectively.