The Q Way

About us

We like to believe that 20 years of experience have made us quite good.

Q has been developed through 20 years of continuous input and improvements from our customers. Those of us who work with Q always believe that we can get better, and it motivates us to learn even more from our customers’ usage.

This has enabled us to tailor the tools to solve real problems, not just hypothetical issues that we believe our customers might encounter.

Over the years, Q has become a comprehensive tool providing our customers with solid decision-making support based on facts through clear graphs, expertise, and experience.

Our goal is to make access to high quality software easy and affordable.

What we bring

A Partner for your business

At Q we don’t sell you software we don’t use ourselves. We run our own business with our own software. We wholeheartedly believe that you should not sell what you don’t use.

Our software is in continuous development with new features and bug fixes constantly being rolled out but allowing our customers to opt in to what they want to use. This lets the customer avoid the traditional problem over unwanted software bloat over time allowing them to master the basics and then adding new available features as their needs expand.

A pragmatic approach

Q won’t sell you what you don’t need. We work closely with you as a customer to determine your needs and what can work inside your budget. As a private company we are focused on longterm relationships with our customers and with over 20 years of experience in the business we believe we can be counted on to deliver.

Introduction of technology is done when it adds productivity benefits to our customers and ourselves.

As of 2024 we have invested in some AI features to allow the customer to automatically generate questionnaires and to generate summaries of documents as well as messages entered into the system.