Available Integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with Office 365, NOARK5, Single Sign-On (SSO), and other key systems, enhancing user experience and productivity. By supporting these integrations, we ensure compatibility, efficiency, and accessibility, enabling users to leverage familiar tools and workflows within our ecosystem effortlessly.

Microsoft Office 365


We support import and export to Sharepoint including continuous synchronisation of files.

This allows you to work on documents in Q and keep the newest version synchronised to a shared drive.

You can also pull in files from Sharepoint and Q will automatically detect changes to the file and synchronise the newest version from Sharepoint to Q.


Our Activity Calendars can synchronise to Office 365 allowing activities set up in Q to be tracked in your normal Office 365 calendar.

Microsoft Teams

Add a Microsoft Teams meeting to a case in Q and import the audio and video as an optional attachment to the case.


We support synchronising documents in Q to Noark5 for users who require Archiving of changes made in documents in Q.

Single Sign On (SSO) via Oauth 2

For Enterprise users we support Single Sign On using Oauth 2, allowing you to get full control of the login authentication mechanism implementing the security level your organisation requires.

LDAP and Microsoft Graph

Active Directory

We support Active Directory via the LDAP protocol and can synchronise organisational hierarchy and users from any LDAP compatible server.

Microsoft Graph

We support synchronisation of users using the Microsoft Graph API provided by Microsoft for their Azure customers.